It is no difficulty for us, with the help of internet, to read old articles from Swedish newspapers, radio and TV that associate to the "event" on June 4, 1989 at Tiananmen Square in China. The word "massacre" appears here and there. In pictures you see young students whose blood colors their clothes and refreshes China's red flag. They left strong impression to those who were there at that time, and set roots in their hearts. Despite these facts, the government of China has effectively concealed the event. Even today, no one else knows how many people died, who died, how they died, or who made the decision to open fire against unarmed students. No one is allowed to talk about the event. Everyone tried to find out the truth is knocked down at all costs.

Everyone in Sweden is aware of the Ådalen event in May 1931 in which five people were shot dead by soldiers under the order of army officer. The incident was investigated by the Ådal Commission and the Swedish legislation was altered which outlawed the military involvement in civil demonstrations. This makes a clear contrast between a democratic government and a government of dictatorship.

30 years have passed, and a whole generation has emerged. Many young people in present day China have not even heard of the massacre at Tiananmen Square, or rather they have never been told. You should now, 30 years after the events, very well hope that the Communist government in China to lift the ban, let the truth come out and initiate a reconciliation process - but all these are in vain. On the contrary, controls are intensified, especially on the Internet and social media.

I want to sign this letter to appeal to the government of China to make public the historical facts of the Tiananmen Square event, release all political prisoners, and apologize for having ordered the military to use fatal violence against the civilians.

It is also an appeal to the Swedish government to work on this issue with its counterpart in China for the sake of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression which are the fundamental values for all civilized societies in the world.

June 2019


I want to sign this letter

Den himmelska fridens torg